My friend Mindy and I have been going on little adventures the past few weekends. Recently we drove up towards Litchfield County on a quest for some food and hot apple cider. We were successful, but only after wandering around for a bit near Bulls Bridge in Kent  – one of the few remaining covered bridges in the state.    


There's a bunch of cool stuff in the area.  There's the bridge, rapids, a scenic overlook, and a huge waterfall coming from a power station just a short distance up river.  The hiking trails bring right down along the water and eventually will connect you to the Appalachian Trail.


We did eventually find our cider at a small cafe tucked away in the
corner of a shopping area in the center of Kent. In line next to us was
Seth MacFarlane and Mila Kunis. We didn't recognize them at first but
after hearing them talk for a bit we realized who it was.

If you want directions to Bulls Bridge I've got a short write-up of the area on the Connecticut Weekender here.

Written by Sean Henri