At this point in our trip we had given up entirely on worrying about any sort of a schedule, so we took our time driving north to Limerick.  We made our way through Conor Pass blasting Beatles the entire way, and then slowly wound our way back down from the mountains to the coast, pulling over to stop whenever something interesting caught our eyes.

Connor Pass Waterfall Co. Kerry

By the time the mid-afternoon had come, we had already seen and done enough to fill an entire week. In need of a boost, we stopped at the first “coffee” sign we came across. We pulled in thinking we had come across a small cafe, but instead found ourselves drinking coffee in a someones kitchen and chatting about the weather.



Some of our stops included Lislaughtin Abbey, Ballyheighe – a place where I enjoyed some of my first beers in life ten years earlier, and a pub Kildare where we stopped for dinner. It was close to ten by the time we arrived in Limerick.

Written by Sean Henri