Forgive the nerdiness of this post, but I’m a pretty big Google advocate and thought this was exciting.  Last night they announced "SearchWiki", a new feature that allows you to edit your search results when logged into your Google account.   If you like a result, you can set it so it shows up first every time.  If you don’t like a result, you can remove it permanently.  The new function also allows you to leave comments on results that everyone will be able to see.   As an SEO, it’s hard to tell what the impact will be, but I think this could possibly cause some headaches.  As a user, I think it’s a good thing.  What it should do is force those publishing on the web to try even harder to make their content valuable.  Spammy sites will suddenly lose a lot of their punch because people will remove them from their results or warn others not to visit.


Of course I expect that you’ll all give me positive feedback when leaving comments.  Also noticed that I’m showing up in Google Suggest.  Small stuff, I know.


Written by Sean Henri