For the past month or so I’ve been advocating that my friends listen to Vampire Weekend, an indie-rock band from New York that’s been enjoying a great deal of attention following the release of their self-titled album in January.  My brother recommended I give them a listen earlier this year and I’ve been a fan ever since.   They’ve describe their genre as "Upper West Side Soweto" – sort of an indie pop/punk sound with an Afro-pop influence.  It’s really great stuff.. without a doubt one of the best debut albums I’ve come across in a while.

Ironically, as I was writing this post, I received a message from Ezra, the lead-singer in the band.  It happened because I was chatting with a girl from New York who happened to know him.  She got excited when she heard me listening to them, so she ended up sending him a text, and in response I received a message telling me to "rock on".

Give the album a listen.  You’ll enjoy it.  Start off with "Mansard Roof", "A-Punk", and "M79".  Below is their most recent single/video, "Oxford Comma".

Written by Sean Henri