So last night, while I was home relaxing.. Paul McCartney joined Billy Joel on stage for the “Last Play at Shea” – the final concert at Shea Stadium before it is to be torn down.  It was two of my favorite singers/songwriters side by side, and I missed it.  I found out about the surprise performance a few hours prior to the show, but it was too late.  Needless to say, I regret not buying tickets in advance.  But I have an idea for next weekend that could make up for it.

McCartney wasn’t the only one to join Joel on stage.  Roger Daltrey of the Who, Steven Tyler, and Garth Brooks came on to play a few songs as well.  Videos are floating around on YouTube.

On another note: I went to see  a Brian Wilson concert in Torrington this past Wednesday.  It felt like more of a tribute to Wilson than it did a performance.  His band did the bulk of the singing and he hardly played an instrument, but they were playing HIS songs, and it was an honor to witness it.  If you aren’t familiar with Brian Wilson’s life and work (“God Only Knows”, “Good Vibrations”, “Wouldn’t it Be Nice”, etc.), you should read a bit about him.  He’s the genius behind the music of The Beach Boys, and one of the greatest songwriters/producers in American pop-music history.

Written by Sean Henri