I thought I'd stop in and update everyone with what I've been up to.  I realize it's been a while since I posted, and I definitely don't want this blog to be dormant.

Here's some highlights from the past several weeks:

  • I won the trip to Martinique.  I have no idea when I'm going yet, but it will be sometime between now and the end of November.  Thank you to everyone who voted!
  • The Guggenheim Museum – It's been the last big museum in New York that I had yet to visit, and I changed that a few weekends ago when I went there.  I think I  more impressed with the architecture than I was with the artwork.
  • Flea Market – Another fun adventure with some friends.  We took a day long road trip around the northwest corner of Connecticut stopping at the Elephants Trunk country flea market in New Milford, a small diner in the middle of nowhere, and then Kent Falls.  It's worthwhile to just get in the car and drive with only a lose agenda.  Try it.
  • Little Italy – This past Saturday I ate at this great restaurant on Mulberry Street called Da Genarro.  Check it out if you're in the city looking for a nice place for some outdoor dining.
  • Kayaking – I finally busted out the kayak for the first time this year.  Felt great.  Hopefully I'll be picking up a second one in the near future so my friends can join me.  It'll be known as the "frieyack".
  • Photo Blog – It's out there, but I don't want to announce it yet.  It's not quite done.  You'll have to forgive the ridiculous name I've given it.  I already owned the domain and didn't want to see it go to waste.  The albums I have in the photo section of this website are about to go.  Sorry friends, but you'll have to turn to Facebook if you want to see all the daily snapshots now on.

Here's a few pics from the other week:

Mindy Munizaga

Sean  Henri

Written by Sean Henri