It’s always nice to get out and try something new instead of following the same old routine.   I did a bit of that on Saturday and Sunday.  My friend Mindy and I went into New Haven to check out the Yale Art Gallery.  I was a bit surprised by the amount of famous artworks featured their permanent collection.  I spent years working directly across the street and I never had any clue they were there.  The gallery is free to the public and absolutely  worth your time if you’ve never been there. 

Aside from the gallery, we met up with our friend Kam for some lunch at the Educated Burgher, drove up to East Rock, and ventured down to the coastline to check out Fort Nathan Hale.

The day’s adventures got me thinking.  There are so many things to do around Connecticut that many people my age never seem to think of doing.  I wonder if maybe they simply don’t know about them.  I frequently hear complaints that "Connecticut sucks" or have people tell me they can’t go out because they’re low on money.  Well aside from my lunch and gas, everything I did on Saturday was free.  It doesn’t cost a penny to go to a park or the beach.  Museums and galleries rarely charge for admission and if they do it’s a few dollars at the most.  There’s so many things to do on a weekend aside from just going to a bar every Friday night at 10.

We live in a great state.  It’s filled with cultural, historical, and recreational attractions.  Its proximity to New York, Massachussets and Rhode Island make it even better.  There’s tons of great places to see and things to do that are all within a day’s drive.  So an idea I have is to start up a new blog that focuses on these sort of things.  I have a few co-authors lined up, so it may be something we get going soon.  The blog will feature strictly localized content.  It’s just an idea now, but I see this coming together in the near future.  It needs a name.  Any thoughts?

Written by Sean Henri