UPDATE:  I wont the trip mentioned below.  It was an incredible week and you can read about my experiences and check out photos here.

I have a very simple request for everyone who reads this. I'd like for you go and enter a contest to win a trip to the French island of Martinique.  All you need to do is vote for my story "Getting Lost on the Appalachian Trail", and you could find yourself spending 7 days relaxing on Caribbean island.  Pretty easy right? 

I ask this of you because if I'm the blogger who receives the most votes, I'll be winning a trip of my own to the island.  I was asked to participate in this contest along with 24 other bloggers by the French Government Tourist
Office.  I had never thought about going to Martinique before, but after doing some research it actually looks like an interesting place to visit.  There's a volcano on the island as well as some mountains that offer spectacular views for hikers.  It seems like it would be a great place to do some kayaking as well. 

So please go ahead and vote, and ask your friends to do the same.  But make sure they vote for my story!  I'll greatly appreciate it.  You can win, I can win, and we'll all be happy.

One way you could really help me out is by posting a bulletin on MySpace or Facebook that asks your friends to go vote as well!  To post on Facebook,

simply click this link.  Or if you have a blog, maybe mention it there?  I mean who wouldn't want to win a trip?

Win a Trip to Martinique

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Written by Sean Henri