Last night I enjoyed the best fries that I’ve ever eaten.  At least within Manhattan, but after scanning through my memory of delicious potato eating experiences I think this may be at the top of the list.  If you’re ever in the city along 2nd Ave between 9th and 10th St and you’re looking for a bite to eat, be sure to stop in Ryan’s Irish Pub and get the Cajun steak fries with melted cheese.  The burgers are great as well and only cost about $5 bucks.

We had originally planned on going to Pommes Frites, which until last night had my vote for the best place to get fries in the city.  If you’ve never been there I’d recommend checking it out as well.  From my count, they offer 35 different toppings to put on top of your fries.  It comes in this little cone.  You walk in, you walk out with fries, and life is good.

Best fries in NYC
The enthusiasm is real.

Best Fries in NYC
I’ve posted a few more pics here.

Written by Sean Henri