Unless you’re one of my RSS subscribers, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve completely redesigned this website by now.  I wanted to come up with a look that was spacious, visually appealing, quick loading, easy to read, and easy to navigate.  From my own perspective I think that I’ve accomplished those goals but what everyone else thinks is far more important.   So please let me know what you think!

Not all of the sections are up just yet but I’m hoping to have that changed by this weekend.  For now you can browse through the archives, watch the videos, or check out my photos.  If you’re on Facebook, Myspace, or Bebo, you can click on one of the icons up above to directly view my profile and add me as a contact.  On the right hand side sidebar you’ll find a list of most commonly visited posts, recent comments, and the most recent photo and video that I’ve posted.

So please share your thoughts.  And if you haven’t yet voted for a chance to win a trip to Martinique, hurry up and do it!

Written by Sean Henri