Photography is just another one of my many hobbies. Recently, I began keeping a photo blog at Here’s my justification for it:

  1. To push myself to do better. Posting things online opens the door to receiving feedback and encourages me to improve.
  2. To give friends a way to get prints. I’ve been asked for them from time to time by my friends and people who are familiar with the areas I photograph, so the blog provides everyone with an easy way of ordering one without having to nag me.
  3. To share. Another way for you to e-stalk me.

I used to publish nearly every photo I took, but as that number approached hundreds and hundreds a month, it got a bit tedious. If you still want the daily snapshots, you can add me on Facebook and I’ll try to share them there.



River Shannon Derby Fireworks Island Asphalt
Written by Sean Henri