At the end of each year many bloggers like to look back and brag about their best blog posts.  Well I'm not going to do that.  But I will point out some of the more interesting things I'll remember from 2007. 

Overall, it was a great year.  I started a new and much more rewarding job, continued my education, developed some incredible friendships, and by years end had accomplished many of the goals I had set for myself twelve months earlier. 

Of course there were hardships, but I feel like the good far outweighed the bad.  The things I'll probably remember most include my trips to Ireland and Oregon, seeing several of my long-time friends get married, the Paul McCartney concert in NYC, being an extra in Indiana Jones 4, my summer hikes and starting my new job.  There was plenty more of course, but not everything is meant for the world to know.

As for this blog, it's had a fairly successful year.  My traffic went up, my photos were featured in  popular print and web publications, and I was given valuable feedback from all sorts of people including my friends, complete strangers, and the well-known.  Receiving feedback is by far the most rewarding thing a blogger can ask for because it helps them realize that their content is actually reaching the people it's intended to.  Ive learned quite a few lessons from the people who took the time to share their thoughts with me after reading my posts.

To the people that come here for a minute or two each day – thanks for reading, thanks for the feedback, and I hope to have you coming back throughout 2008.

Written by Sean Henri