Lately I’ve been seriously craving some new music.  So I asked around a bit and got some halfway decent suggestions, but none of them overly impressed me.  Then yesterday, I got an email from an Irish friend of mine who suggested that I listen to two different bands.  One of them was The Fratellis – a band from Glasgow, Scotland.  Freakin’ incredible…  one of the best new bands I’ve come across in a while.  So this got me thinking.  Why does the music that’s successful in America suck so much?  I mean, about 90% of the music I listen to comes from the UK.  Is there some law that says that the major labels in the US can only release and promote garbage?  Why am I forced to listen to Kid Rock’s latest single when I turn on the radio?  Why do I have to reach across the Atlantic ocean to find something that’s worth listening to? 

Written by Sean Henri