Paul McCartney at Carnegie Hall ©

Footage from the world premier performance of Paul McCartney’s "Ecce Cor Meum" comes out on DVD  this November 20th.  I don’t tend to listen to much classical music but I found this to be quite good.  So good I went to go to see the US premier at Carnegie Hall last November. Of course there were a few other factors in my decision to go see it, one being that this guy was a part of the most important band that ever existed, and I must admit I’m a big fan.  But seriously, I think it’s worth a good listen.  It’s fantastic stuff.  So pick this sucker up.

Update: The release of Paul’s Ecce Cor Meum DVD has been put back until early 2008. Dates are currently being rescheduled, but a February/March release is most likely.

On another totally unrelated yet somewhat similar note:   If you like good music I’d suggest listening to Silverchair’s "Young Modern".  I was a bit skeptical about how much I’d like it after seeing the very bland / pop-like video for the song Straight Lines, but now that I’ve heard full album a few dozen times I think it’s one of the best group of songs I’ve heard all year.  It’s creative, melodic, and has some interesting orchestral arrangements composed with a little help from former Beach Boy collaborator Van Dyke Parks.

Personal favs:

Thus concludes my statement of the night.

Written by Sean Henri