Seriously.  If you’re landlord looks like Tony Little, ignores all of your complaints, has a funny stench during the summer months, writes your lease on a napkin, tells you about previous tenants who killed a ferret in the dryer, goes by the name Captain Vantastic, has a bizarre fear of fire, and claims to have been in the nightclub, gym, postal delivery, art dealership, and lifeguard businesses, RUN.  I’m not necessarily singling out any specific individual here.  I’m just giving some generic and valuable advice to anyone who should you ever encounter such a strange individual.

So anyway, recently I’ve begun to miss the idea of having my own apartment.  I really enjoyed the neighborhood that I used to live in, and now I feel like it would be a bit better because I have many more friends down that way than I did in the past.  On top of that, I find myself going down that way during my free time much more then I do anywhere else.  It’s not that my current living situation is bad, because it isn’t at all.  But there’s something very different about living at home and living on your own.

In other news:  I recently left Yale, and now I’m working full time doing website development / administration for a company in New Haven.  So far I really enjoy it, and I think I’ve made the right move.  I’ve also begun volunteering as a Crew Advisor for a BSA Venture Crew 33 in Derby, and I’m still trying to squeeze in my schoolwork in between all of this.    So I’ve been a bit of a busy person lately, resulting in the slow updates.

Written by Sean Henri