There’s a program within the BSA called Venturing.  It’s co-ed, and is focused more on the high-adventure type activities and is supposed to be a way to keep the older kids interested and active in the scouting program.  I’ve signed on to be one of the "Crew Advisors", and while it’s taken me a while to ease back into the flow of things, so far I’ve enjoyed it.

This weekend we took the crew on an overnight kayaking/canoing trip up the Housatonic River.  There were 3 adults including myself, and 7 crew members.  We started off at Indian Well State Park and went about 4 miles up the river to this little cottage right along the water that’s only accessible by boat or by foot.

The adults were in kayaks, the boys were in canoes, and the two girls were riding a motorboat with some food and equipment in it.  Some of them in the canoes were doing really well, but then some of the others wimped out and ended up getting towed by the girls.

We had some good food at night.  We all cooked calzones and ate some s’mores by our campfire.  I was insanely tired by the end of the day so I had absolutely no problem falling asleep at night.  The weather was perfect for a good night’s rest as well.

In the morning we enjoyed some french toast and about 4 pounds of bacon, shot off a few rounds with the potato gun, and then packed up and headed home.  It was a good time.  Our next trip might be an overnighter on one of the Norwalk islands sometime in the late spring, but we’ll see what happens.

Written by Sean Henri