From the mind of Kevin:

We woke up, and we boarded our bus. Our first location we drove to was Galway. On the way there we played a rousing game of playing card bingo. Eire is even greener than Scotland. The grass here is weird. It looks like waves of green and I imagine that it is very soft and laying on it would be quite pleasurable.  I’ve never seen anything so green before. I don’t think that my camera will capture how green it really is. We went up in Galway where we met up with Brother Sean and walked around for food. We got back on the bus after "making pictures" as Germanians would say. We drove to this rocky region called the Burren. It’s cool how it is so bare and plain and alongside beautiful Galway Bay.

After the passing through the Burren, we went to the cliffs of Moher. These breathtaking cliffs are very high up above the ocean. The ocean is clear blue. We got on the bus and drove to our hotel in Limerick and set off to meet the Irish troop that our scouts stayed with when they came here as exchange scouts. In other countries, scouts is co-ed. We had a little presentation of gifts between the troops and had a "campfire". It was pretty fun. We all got to see people we knew that came to America years ago. Sean saw many people that he knew because he stayed with a lot of them the first time he went to Ireland in 1999. We finished up and came back late. At some point I lost my lense cap. Much sadness. I have to try and find a store with one if I can. I went to sleep late. Sean left with some Irish friends.

Written by Sean Henri