Hey it’s Kevin Henri again.

Today woke up and boarded the bus for Edinburgh, Scotland.  On the way, we were going to stop at Hadrian’s Wall, a small wall that the Romans had built thousands of years ago.  I couldn’t wait because I love history and the idea of seeing this wall that I’ve heard so much about was amazing.  We stopped at the wall.  It was cool.  Only parts of the wall were remaining due to years of people stealing stones for their own houses.  To the average person, this wall would seem meaningless.  But to someone who knows about it, it is quite the harumphadumph.

We drove for hours through extremely hilly roads, almost like a roller coaster.  Jolly fun.  Then we arrived in Scotland and arrived in Jedburgh.  After taking some pictures, our bus drove over to Melrose where we stopped to eat and look around.  Both places has abbey ruins that had scaffolding on them and also cost money to enter so nobody went in.  Melrose was pretty nice looking.  We left there and began our scenic, green, hilly drive to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

After a couple of hours, we arrived in the capital.  It has some pretty cool buildings here including this gigantic castle built along a steep cliff.  It’s amazing the way that they were able to build on such a steep cliff.  We checked into our hotel, the Edinburgh Capital Hotel, where we split into our groups again and headed out for an excursion in the city.  My group went to a restaurant named, "Garfunkel’s" in which everyone spent a lot on food except for me.  I got an appetizer as my meal…for the second time on the trip.  Once we were done eating, we walked around this long street looking for shops to go into.  We were only able to find one place.  It was this shop full of Scottish stuff where I bought a flag of the Union Jack and Matt Frovarp bought a kilt worth £60.  It was not worth that much ($120) but I am still jealous of him for getting it.  I guess every single store on the British Isles closes by 7:00 because every single time we have a chance to shop, the places are all closed.  We came back to the hotel around 10 and just hung out the rest of the night. Tomorrow we tour the city.


Written by Sean Henri