Kevin Henri!

Today was our last day driving around on the bus. We set out for the city of Bath, an old Roman city. It is the only place in Britain that has natural hot springs. We went into the Roman baths. Amazing. I expected it to just be that main bath that is in pictures but there was so much more there than I expected. It was just amazing to be walking on some stone floors that the Romans did thousands of years ago. Not everyone in our group was interested in going which is why everybody split off into groups. I walked through the baths with Mrs. Jalowiec. We were both fascinated by everything that we saw and it was nice to go with someone who was interested rather than go with my usual group who wouldn’t have cared about what they were seeing.

Following this, we visited Stonehenge. It is a lot smaller than it looks in pictures and we have to keep a certain distance from it, but it is amazing nonetheless. The fact that someone could construct that without the technology we have now is astonishing.

We finished up looking at Stonehenge and set off to London. Once we arrived, we said thanks and goodbye to our tour director John and our driver, Billy. We will all miss them.

In London, we went out to eat and split up into two groups; my group going to see "Stomp!", and the other group went to see "Mary Poppins" on stage. Clearly "Stomp!" was far better than seeing a stage version of a movie that I have seen hundreds of times. Everyone in the theater was amazed by the performers’ coordination, and there were some very funny parts as well.

Tomorrow we set off for home. Not too much will happen, so unless there is some excitement tomorrow, this will be my last journal entry. I can’t wait to go home and see Katie. Peace suckasssssssss!

Written by Sean Henri