Kevin Henri, reporting from Edinburgh.

Today we woke up late again.  For some reason we thought we had a wake up call when we had never asked for one.  Jimmy Anderson called us the night before as a prank calling to confirm a 4 A.M. wake-up call and we told him at 7.  Then Jimmy said it was him, and we all laughed.  The next morning my alarm went off at 7 and I realized that the phone hadn’t rang yet because I was expecting it to so I went back to sleep waiting for the phone to ring.  Apparently since it was the last thing on our minds the night before, we had it in our heads that we had a wake-up call set.  I woke up and Billy checked the time on my phone and it said 7:18.  So we got up and got our stuff ready.  A minute later I put on my watch and saw the time said 7:35.  We were in trouble.  Randy, one of our chaperones, yelled at us and it was over. We were tired.

We got onto the bus with our tour guide, David McKree.  He was pretty funny and had a witty sense of humor.  He wore a kilt and has a strong Scottish accent.  He told us that Edinburgh is on top of a volcano and that the Scottish speak a language called "Lalenze", which consists of English, French, and Dutch.

We went to Edinburgh Castle, this gigantic castle built upon a cliff.  We also went to Holyroodhouse, some big palace. We didn’t go inside though but we walked around the town and around the palace.   After that, we walked around the city for a few hours to find a bank, a shop, and to eat.  We all bought different things and exchanged dollars for pounds. All in all, a good day.  We came back to our hotel room and relaxed for a couple hours before dinner at 6, in which we all got dressed up in shirts, ties, and blazers.  Some of us wore kilts (not me though).

Dinner was at a fancy hotel.  We all sat at big tables and ate our food.  I tried eating duck for the first time in my life.  After dinner there was a show.  The band came out and a man introduced them and told us how we would be listening to traditional Scottish music and dance.  The gentleman named all of the countries that people were from.  When he mentioned ours, the troop and the other Americans went wild.  Then he said that some people were from England and the band immediatly stopped playing and searched angrily in the crowd for them.  It was hilarious.  The show had everyone riled up.  The band was great, the singers were great, the dancers were great.  All in all, an amazing show.  I got so into it that I wanted to jump up on stage and join in.  Scottish music is extremely fun and I recognized quite a few songs.  The bagpiper came out and played "Amazing Grace" (to me, one of the saddest songs ever when played on bagpipes).  The show concluded with the whole room joining hands and singing "Auld Lang Syne".  We got onto the bus really riled up and sang a bunch of songs.  We arrived at the hotel and everyone calmed down and went to bed.  Tomorrow we go to Liverpool, England.  I don’t know if we will be able to stop at any of the places that I want to but we will definitely drive past them in a tour.  Bye for now.

Written by Sean Henri