In this interview with Sir Paul McCartney about his recent show in New York, the interviewer expresses his amazement at the growing number of young Beatles fans and mentions how two of his contest winners, possibly my friends who won tickets to the secret gig at the Highline Ballroom, were born in the 1980’s!!!  Paul then responds with his thoughts.

: A lot of people (from) my generation would think: ‘Well the only people that are gonna really like my music are the people who grew up with it’.  You know?  People who are my age.  Maybe a little bit younger…but, that’s it.
Interviewer: Two of the five winners (my friends Steph & Bret) we had on Wednesday morning were born in the 1980’s!
Paul: Ha!  Is that possible?  Haha nobody was born in 1980..
Interviewer: No it’s possible
Paul: Er, no exactly that’s the thing.  And I see that at my shows.  You get these generations – you’ll get the people my age, and then you’ll get their kids, and then their kids.  And, I love it!  Cuz, these kids know the music.  They know it better than I do.
Interviewer: Well I tried to make it a little difficult to win the tickets to the show, because I wanted to make sure that real Paul McCartney fans would win, obviously.  So I didn’t just say.. be the 25th caller and you’re in.  I asked questions that Paul McCartney fans would be able to answer.
Paul: Mmhmm.
Interviewer: And those two young people, born in the 1980’s, knew the answers!
Paul: You know, it’s phenomenal, I must say.  But it’s great!  It’s kinda, you know, very satisfying to think that young kids are into it.
Interviewer: What would you say to your young fans… ?
Paul: …What would I say? I would say thank you for like, appreciating something we did a long time ago.  But, I’m with them.  I understand that thing.  Cuz, I’m wrong to assume that it’s just my generation that’s gonna like it.  And I know that, for instance, cuz I like Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole – and that wasn’t my generation.  So, I suppose that what they’re doing is they’re liking good music.  You know, and I can say that now about The Beatles.  Cuz, you know, it’s not being conceited.  I know that the stuff we did was really good.  You know?  And I think that somebody appreciating it now is just great.  It’s just very gratifying.  So there you go.  I love it.

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Written by Sean Henri