Memory Almost Full
I just gave Memory Almost Full a good listen and I love it.  "Mister Bellamy" is amazing.  It’s a very unique sounding song.. which is what I love the most about McCartney’s music.  Some of my other favorite tracks at this point are "Dance Tonight", "Only Mama Knows", "Vintage Clothes", "That Was Me", "House of Wax" and "Feet in the Clouds".  All the other songs are good too, I just need to listen them a little bit more to get a better opinion.  The album goes back and forth from pop to rock.  But it all flows nicely.  There’s a Brian Wilson-like harmony in the song "Feet in the Clouds".  The songs at the end aren’t anything like the medly at the end of Abbey Road.  Now sure where that idea came from.  But it’s great album.  Everyone needs to buy it when it comes out.

Written by Sean Henri