Above: McCartney plays air drums and sings along to one of his new songs called "Only Mamma Knows".

"I actually began with the work on this new album, "Memory Almost Full",
before my last album "Chaos and Creation in The Backyard" (released in
September 2005). The first recordings took place in the autumn of 2003
at Abbey Road with my band and David Kahne as producer. I was already
in the middle of it, when I began to talk with Nigel Godrich about a
completely new project – this became then "Chaos and Creation in the
Backyard". When I was finished with all work to "chaos" and had
received a Grammy nomination (2006) for it, I noticed that there was
still this other album, which I wanted to absolutely finish.

Thus I got the first recordings and listened to them again, in order to
see whether they still pleased me – and actually, I found them
wonderful. At first I just listenend to them and asked myself, "OK, I
like this song – what can be improved?" It was frequently only one
little thing, e.g. a drum beat, therefore I rerecorded the drums and
saw whether I liked that better. Slowly I developed the album. I
listened to each Song individually and made the changes which appeared
important to me. Gradually everything developed. Without me really
trying, the album got its own topic, like a cord, which held everything
together. Now it consists half of the old recordings of 2003 and half
of completely new sounds. In some places it is a very personal album
with many retrospectives, also with many memories, as for example
memories of my childhood, of Liverpool, and of past summer days. The
album is invoking, emotional and rocks, but I cannot summarize it in
one sentence.

It ends in a medley, consisting of 5 Songs, which are consciously
retrospective. At first I thought it’s because I had arrived now at
such a point in my life – however then I remembered my songs with John,
many of which were retrospective, too. It is like "penny Lane" or
"Eleanor Rigby" – I still do the same tricks!
Naturally people will interpret my Songs differently, but that was
always like that. The thing is simple – I love to write Songs therefore
I write and write. I never arrive at this point where I decide to write
about concrete topics. But inevitably, my thoughts are in what I do.

The first song on the album is ` Dance Tonight ‘. I bought myself a
mandoline recently and played around on it, until I suddenly had the
foundation-stone of this title. Some weeks ago we made the video for
it, which was a lot of fun. The director is Michael Gondry (Eternal
Sunshine OF The Spotless Mind). Also, Natalie Portman and Mackenzie
Crook are in the video. I won’t disclose the story her. You must watch
it yourselves – we had a lot of fun doing it!

The title of the album occurred to me only after everything was
finished. That is normal for me, with exception of Sgt. Peppers
perhaps. Otherwise I cannot remember an album with the Beatles, Wings
or solo, where I thought first about a title and a concept. I though
about what could summarize my new tracks, and came up with "Memory
Almost Full", a sentence which describes the modern life in my eyes –
in today’s time our brains can be overloaded fast. When I discussed the
idea with some friends, nearly everyone had its own interpretation, but
they all thought it was great. This feedback helped me to definitely
decide on the title.

Having finished the album, I thought about the cover. I wanted the cd
to become a desired object, something which I would take from the shelf
myself, something which makes people curious. I hope, our result
reflects that. The cover is an etching of a good friend, Humphrey
Ocean. As with the lyrics I am very curious how the people will
interpret it!

For the moment I’m on promotion tours, getting the first feedbacks to
my album and I can say – so far, so goodl! It is very interesting to
hear what others think about my songs, how they interpret them and how
they feel about them. I also talk about my album and enjoy my own
discovery process thereby. It was fun for me to finish this album with
David Kahne and I am proud of all the songs. I hope that this joy will
pass over to all who will listen to it.

All the best, Paul McCartney, April 2007

Written by Sean Henri