I’m watching with excitement at a "suspicious package" in front of the Westville Kosher Bakery in New Haven.  I’m kinda stuck here at the moment because they have the intersection I need to pass through blocked off.  They just brought out the bomb sniffing dog… he seems pretty happy so I think that’s a good sign.  Gonna stick around for a bit longer and see what happens.

I was just told to move farther back.  Maybe it really is something serious.  They’re breaking out some equipment now.  Looks like maybe they’re gonna blow it up?

Suspicious Package

Update:  Shortly after I posted this I gave WTNH a call to let them know what was going on because I didn’t see any of the news channels covering it.  They said they’d send some people down but I never saw them.  NBC30 came after a while and shot some video from the side, but they’ve yet to say anything about it on their website other than that there is police activity in the area.  At one point I saw two officers approach the package with a black bag and a case and then lean down and do something to it.  They both walked away very quickly, waited a minute, then ran back to the package.  I don’t know if they destroyed it or what.  But after that I was asked to move even farther back, and I really had to get to work, so I just ended up leaving the parking lot.  Now it’s been about 3 hours since it all began and I still haven’t heard what it was.  Somebody from WTNH emailed me and said they still don’t know anything either.  I wasted part of my morning there so I’d kinda like to know now.

WTNH: Suspicious package found in New Haven

Written by Sean Henri