It’s a new year and I have a long list of things I’d like to accomplish, obtain, or try out over the next 12 months.  Some of the goals are more difficult to achieve than others, but I try to include everything no matter how over the top they are because then I tend to accomplish more.  I had some fairly lofty goals for 2006 and I managed to accomplish nearly all of them.  I met Paul McCartney, traveled to Ireland, finally moved out, bought a new car… so  I’m convinced that almost any goal is achievable.  Your success is only determined by the amount of effort you put into it.  So here’s my list for 2007, both the easy and the hard:

  1. Travel to Peru
  2. Eliminate credit card debt
  3. Reduce all other debt
  4. Get a gym membership
    1. Go consistently until late spring
    2. Go consistently again in the winter
  5. Improve my photography
  6. Meet Brian Wilson
  7. Spend a weekend in California
  8. Spend a weekend somewhere in Europe
  9. Find more friends with common interests
  10. Strengthen the friendships that already exist
  11. Learn about wine
  12. Study Irish history
  13. Get paid to design and develop websites
  14. Continue my education at SCSU
  15. Start working full time or intern somewhere in the field of communications.
  16. Find 4 new interests or hobbies
  17. Read more books (at least 1 a month)
  18. Meet Sir George Martin
  19. Volunteer in a Presidential candidate’s upcoming campaign (provided I like a candidate enough)
  20. Start doing community service again
  21. Get to know some Black Rock locals
  22. No fast food
  23. Eat more veggies, and enjoy it
  24. Be earning 20% more by the end of ’07 than I was at the beginning of the year
  25. See Spamalot on Broadway
  26. Stop whistling when I have nothing to say to somebody that I don’t know that well
  27. Revise this list every 4 months and check progress.

I’ll add to this list as new goals pop into my head.  If I’m successful with a goal, I’ll cross it off.  In April I’ll see where I stand I and post my progress.

Written by Sean Henri