What a week.  Last Friday, I managed to clear up what had become a year long nightmare with my financial aid at Southern and I was finally able to register for the spring semester.  The first week of classes was fun but also kinda sucked balls.  Some of the courses I need are currently full but I’ve been going to them anyway just in case I can get in.  Along with the classes I actually am registered for I ended up going to a total of 14 classes.  On top of that, there was the AAF club meeting as well as several other meetings regarding some web design jobs that I’m trying to pick up.  Combined with work it all was all just a bit too much, but things should start to slow down now that I’m nearly settled on a schedule.

But hey I can’t complain… I’m just glad to be back. 

And the weekend’s been great!  On Thursday night Leeann and Nick stopped over for a bit, then on Friday night my friends Melinda and Christina came by for some dinner and wine.  Last night Steph and I took a short road trip up to Cromwell to surprise Heather B. at a bar called Rookies.  They had this cover band there called the Amish Outlaws – four members of which are actually Amish guys from Lancaster.  I guess they decided the strict lifestyle wasn’t for them so now they’re rapping and rocking out in bars across the northeast.  If you ever get a chance to see them, definitely go check them out.  You’ll laugh your ass off.

Hezz and I at Rookies

Written by Sean Henri