Well today we had hoped on taking a ferry across the Irish Sea over to Liverpool to see all the Beatles sights, but unfortunately all service was canceled due to rough seas.  We were slightly disappointed at first but made the most of the day and still ended up having a lot of fun.  I actually considered getting a tattoo (but didn’t), I got a haircut, we did a bunch of shopping, ate some dinner at a very relaxing  and modern looking bar, and then slept in a lousy hotel in the Temple Bar area.

Haircut in Dublin

Bar in Dublin

After hardly any sleep due to the sounds of smashing bottles all night, we made our way to Dublin Airport, had a quick "American" meal at Heathrow airport, stopped in the tourist shops so we can could feel like we visited London, and then flew back across the Atlantic to good ol’ America.  I’ll write more shortly.  Check out Steph’s blog for more about the end of our trip.

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Temple Bar

Written by Sean Henri