Picture_950_1Thanks to brother Justin, I got to go to yet another Yankee game tonight with the twin bro himself, Steph, and Mickey.  Justin and Mickey took an early train in while me and Steph waited till around 4:30 and drove down.  We partied a lil’ on the top level of the parking garage with some Jersey folk before the game and had some high quality Killian’s Irish Red while blasting the Beatles.  The game was great… as it always is, and the Yankees won 1-0.  We had great seats, had a great time, and the car ride back home was just as good.  We stopped at a rest stop for some water, red bull, and corn nuts, and made it back around 1 in the morning.  Nights like this make me love life.  I know some of the best people on earth. No video tonight… but here’s a pic. There’s more in the Newest Pics.

Written by Sean Henri