I finally got to check out Archie Moore‘s on Friday with Steph and brother Justin.  The building it opened in is the same building I used to go to boy scout meetings in for many years so it was kinda strange to me and brought back a lot of memories.  Everywhere I looked I remembered something… but at the same time it looks so different it was like being in a totally different building.  It didn’t feel like Derby to me.  There’s an old abandoned bowling alley underneath the building next door that you can access through the Archie Moore’s basement and I really wanna sneak down there one night.  We ran into a bunch of old friends, including some of my old scoutmasters, and had a really good time.  Not sure why people have been putting the place down because I love it.  The rest of the weekend was great too.  Went to a party in Shelton on Saturday, did lots kayaking on the Housatonic and Naugatuck rivers, and got to sleep in and relax a lot
which was really nice and exactly what I needed.

I have lots to look forward to in the next several weeks – Yankees/Mets game Friday with Nick, Justin and Steph, a seafood dinner in NYC next week, a 4th of July kidnapping, the Ringo concert, Wildwood, and then after that my Greece/Turkey trip is just over 2 months away!  Very excited to be living lately.

Written by Sean Henri