Teepees in Montana

617795310103_0_alb_1Today we woke up early, ate some breakfast, packed the vans and hit the road.  We had a 500 mile drive from where we were to our next location which was LoLo Hot Springs in Montana.  During the drive we tried updating the troop’s website several times through a cell phone data connection, but we weren’t able to get any service.  Once we got close to Spokane, we picked up some service and were able to upload some pictures and journal entries.

Around 7PM we reached our destination and found out we were going to sleep in teepee’s.  We all changed, crossed the street and went in for a swim in the hot springs and swimming pool.  The hot springs, while natural, had been enclosed in a building and had cement poured inside them to make it more comfortable for tourists.  I was somewhat disappointed by this, but still enjoyed it.

When we got back Mr. Frovrap had cooked us all chicken fajitas which were really good.  After I ate I went to go take a shower and then went to sleep.


Written by Sean Henri