445095310103_0_alb7:00 AM – Wake up call.  I lied around in bed for about 20 minutes watching CNN covering the terrorism threat while waiting to use the shower.  After I got my turn to use it we met outside the hotel and met Melissa, our Trek America tour guide, for the first time.

The scouts packed all the gear on top of the van and we all squeezed in for our drive into the city.  We were dropped off at a marketplace in Seattle called Pikes Place.  Randy gave each pair of scouts $10 to eat breakfast with.  Pikes Place was filled with fish stands, flower booths, and handcrafts.  Randy visited the original Starbucks.  We went to a bagel shop to get some breakfast and then met back where we met.


Our next stop was the Space Needle.  I wasn’t as impressed as I’d thought I would be… but it was still pretty cool.  I sat inside for a while and drank some hot chocolate until it was time to leave.

488195310103_0_alb After the Space Needle we drove farther into Washington State to Mt. Rainier National Park.  We were able to see the mountain a good half hour before we reached the park.  It was huge.  Mt. Rainier is actually a dormant volcano.  It’s part of the Cascade range so it was surrounded by other slightly small mountains.

Once in the park we pulled over to hike a trail leading to Pinnacles Peak.  The trail was steep and zig zagged back and forth.  At the top we took a group photo and went over to a patch of snow for a snowball fight.  Kevin was complaining of a headache and wouldn’t come over to the snow.  Close by near some rocks I saw some small grayish animal I had never seen before.  I was told that they were  Varmints.

After the snowball fight we headed back down to the vans.  That night we drove just outside the park to La Wis Wis Campground.  We used three campsites – two of which were along the river.  That night we had spaghetti and and French bread for dinner, and went right to sleep.

Written by Sean Henri