259694210103_0_albSunday started off way to early.  I woke up around 7 AM in the morning still exhausted and a little bit hungover from the party we had the night before at Nick’s on the river.  I re-packed all of my gear and then my mom drove me down to the train station for 8:30 AM.  After a group photo and lots of goodbyes we loaded onto the bus, at some donuts and arrived at Bradley International Airport.

For weeks we had been warning all the scouts not to bring any pocketknives or weapons in their carry-ons.  Security has been very tight the past two years because of 9/11.  Just the other day the FBI issued a warning that terrorists could attempt to hijack airplanes before summer’s end.  But sure enough, one scout, P.W., had one on him and was searched by security.

Our flight left around 12:30 PM for O’Hare in Chicago.   The landing was very violent because of thunderstorms in the area.  We ended up sitting in the airport at Chicago until 6:30 PM as a result of the storms.  The flight to Seattle was long but smooth and I caught a good glimpse of the Cascades in Washington before we landed.  We didn’t get out of the airport until around 9:30/10:00 PM, which caused Mr. Spinetti to get a little bit cranky.

871955610103_0_albThe first thing I noticed about the terrain was the difference in vegetation and trees, which were mostly evergreen and well-spaced out.  after a short drive we made it to the Red Lion Inn at Seattle.  The second I walked in the door I jumped on a computer and tried to upload some of Randy’s pics and updated the West Trip Journal at Troop3Derby.com – a website I recently made for the troop.  My attempt failed because of the primitive software on the computer.  Disgruntled, I grabbed my gear, walked to my room, and passed out.


Written by Sean Henri