The following are a series of journal entries that my brother Justin and I wrote when we were 10.  I recently found it in my old bedroom, and thought it was pretty funny so I decided to share it.  It’s kind of embarrassing… but I was only 10 so thats okay.  SH stands for something I wrote and JH stands for something justin wrote.

Nov. 13th, 1994

SH: Hi! This is my first time writing in a journal, so this is going to be hard.  Today not much happened to me.  I mostly went shopping with my mother.  STOP!!! I’m going to write in print now because I could write neater this way.  Now where was I?  First, I went to AMAZING.  The store is closing in a few days and everything there was supposed to be cheap.  It was!  I got a bunch of neat things there.  Next I went to Service Merchandise.  I got to play a bunch of cool video games there.  When I was done playing them, I looked for more stuff on display.  Then I saw the most glorious thing on earth… the Secret Sender 6000!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  For the first time in my life I actually got to use it.  It was totally awesome.  It was already my top thing on my Christmas list.  But now I want it more than anything.  I kept on playing it and playing it but when I turned around my Mom was gone.  I looked a little and luckily I found her.  We left and went to a bakery shop.  Then I got a hot dog at Dutchess.  As we were waiting to get our food, we watched them cook it.  It really made me feel sick when I saw the lady pick up the hod dogs with her bare hands after she just coughed on them.  When I got home I did my homework for over the weekend.  Kevin, my little brother, was told he could sleep upstairs with us tonight.  Right now it is about 10:00 PM.  And we are having a lot of fun… very quietly!  Well I’m done writing in my journal for now.  I guess writing in my journal isn’t too hard at all.

Written by Sean Henri